March 04, 2013

A female pedestrian was injured while trying to elude the car of a drunken driver who was reeling down a street at Kenner last evening of Friday. According to the police, suspect identified as 55 years old Henry Hutchinson from Kenner was trying to escape from the police and in the process of pursuit smashed against several vehicles and stop signs, sa reported by Kenner Police Department spokesperson, Sgt. Brian McGregor.

The mishap took place at about 5:15 o’clock Friday afternoon at the vicinity of Salem & 27th Streets. Hutchinson was going east towards 27th when a vehicle in front stopped in front of a residence. Hutchinson swerved off to prevent collision but lost control of his Ford150F pickup truck. His vehicle ran across the sidewalk, hit a stop sign and went straight across the opposite side of the street.

The car crushed heads on with a vehicle parked on the driveway. The impact cause the car to crashed into a residence and a second vehicle.

The 55 years-old pedestrian was seeking protection behind the second vehicle; but as the second vehicle was crashed by the first car; she was pinned by the vehicle against a wooden fence. She sustained minor injuries, including a bruised hip and soreness on the back of her head.

Attempting to flee the authorities, Hutchinson tried backing away but crashed into a tree, The police finally caught the errant driver. He was apologetic but very much intoxicated..McGregor said. That the suspect’s bloodshot eyes and slurred speech were signed of his alcoholic impairment, Hutchinson admitted that he had been drinking wine but several cans of Bud Light beer. He was given a BAC test to prove that one of the basic factors of the crash was alcohol.

Hutchinson who is a resident of 2618 Fayette St., Kenner, was charged with the following: driving DWI, neglect of vehicle leading to injuries, running after an accident, reckless driving, driving without a license & insurance and having an open container of alcohol inside vehicle. But he was released from the Jefferson County Jail in Gretna as it was fully booked. His bond was set at $7,800.

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