MIDDLETOWN — At least one man was killed and another man injured in a two-car accident that happened early Tuesday.

According to the police, a Philadelphia man was killed and another Philadelphia man injured in a two-car accident that involved a wrong-way driver on Route 1 early Tuesday.

Middletown Police identified the fatality as Markis Kevin Smith, a 25-year-old man from Philadelphia. He was killed Tuesday in a two vehicle crash which occurred along Rt. 1 near Timber Lane.

Police confirmed that the 25-year-old Markis Kevin Smith of Philadelphia was killed while another man identified at 38-year-old Rasheed King, also from Philadelphia was injured in the crash.

The police are still investigating and taking down information from witnesses to complete their picture of the mishap. Witness reported that the accident occurred because one of the vehicles was going the wrong direction in that area.

Middletown police, who are investigating, reported that the accident happened around 4:40 o’clock early morning along the vicinity of northbound Route 1 near Timber Lane. Two vehicles were involved in the crash: a 1995 Cadillac sedan and 2002 Infinity sedan.

One of the victim was Markis Kevin Smith, 25, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Another victim was Rasheed King, 38, who was injured and immediately transported to St. Mary Medical Center. A hospital spokeswoman said that as of Tuesday afternoon, the condition of the patient was still being evaluated.

Police conjectured that witnesses confirmed that the crash was caused by one of the cars that was traveling in the wrong way in the area. The car going in the wrong way was involved in the crash. It was unclear which of the two drivers involved in the crash was traveling the wrong way.

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