March 09, 2013-

A 10-year-old girl from Fishtown was a victim of a hit-and-run driver who struck the child and fled from the scene. Jim Givens, father of the victim, said that the cops better catch the driver before he does.

The father cannot control these bitter words as he saw 10-year-old Sarah in full-leg cast limping her way around the house.

According to the police, Sarah was hit by a driver along block 2400 block Memphis Street in Fishtown at approximately 2:15 o’clock on Thursday afternoon.

Sarah narrated that she was just crossing the street when she saw a white truck zooming towards her and she was hit, airborne by the impact and landed under a car. She blacked out and was no longer aware of what happened.

With critical injuries, Sarah was rushed to the Hospital of St/ Christopher where she was treated and stayed for days. Now, she is home, fully bandaged and recovering.

Sarah considered her scariest ordeal was being connected to all of those tubes like the IVs.

Police believe the driver was operating a GMC white sport utility vehicle and was running at top speed. A surveillance camera in the neighborhood showed a GMC white Denali installed with flashy rims and the license plate was tinted. It was speeding southward Memphis Street.

TV news told the police about the video which they have not yet inspected.

Sarah’s wish was to stop this kind of hit-and-run driver so he would not be able to hurt more innocent pedestrians.

Jim said that it is now a great risk to leave your kids on the streets.

Sarah is supposed to perform a solo number in a local figure skating recital scheduled next month.

Meanwhile, the police are continuing their investigation.

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Source: Thayer County Health Com

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