Hockessin Del. – State police reported that a man from Pennsylvania died after the pickup truck he was driving rear ended a tractor trailer about 12.26 o’clock Thursday afternoon along Hockessin, Delaware.

Authorities identified that fatality as William Fox, age 26 who died when his pickup truck crashed the back of tractor trailer. The mishap took place after high noon along Block 7000 block in Lancaster Pike.

Police said that the victim was driving his pickup Dodge truck going south at top speed when his vehicle veered across the opposite lanes, hitting a rig. The tractor-trailer was propelled to hit two road signs including a utility pole. Fox, who was not wearing a seat belt at the time, was pronounced dead at the scene.

However, the driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured. Delaware State Police continue their investigation of the crash.

According to Master Cpl. Jeffrey R. Hale, William Fox, age 26, and residing in Ridley Park, was behind the wheel of his Dodge 2011 R15 pickup truck travelling south at a high rate of speed along Del. 41, also known as Lancaster Pike north of Brackenville Rd. at high noon.

Fox’s vehicle for an unknown reason swerved towards the northbound lane of Lancaster Pike and crashed the rear of a Mack 2001 tractor and trailer with driver, John Roads, age 60 of Lancaster who was northbound along Del. 41. Fox’s vehicle rested in the roadway while tractor trailer continued running northbound until it stopped after striking two road signs and a utility pole.

The Emergency Medical Service of New Castle County responded to a call and found find Fox trapped in his vehicle and sustained fatal injuries.

Paramedic Officer Michael A. McColley said that Fox was critically injured but Roads was not harmed.

Due to the crash, traffic officers decided to close both directions of Lancaster Pike of Del. 41 between Yorklyn and Brackenville Roads until several hours and were opened after 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

To make a thorough investigation, Delaware State Police Crash Reconstruction Unit was included in the probing lastThursday afternoon.

A recent poll showed that truck driving is number 8 as the most dangerous job in America due to the statistics results of 11 fatal accidents daily and 4,000 deaths every year. All motorists on the road must show extreme care caution when they are near a pickup truck or even worse, a rig. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are about 180,000 motor vehicle accidents occur every year and 54.3% involved a truck.

Most many motorists, pickup truck drivers are the most annoying thing on the road. Many just want to reach their destination in the fastest possible time so they tailgate other vehicles. In fact, pickup truck drivers are unaware that their vehicles need two times the distance to stop in an emergency than most vehicles.

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Source: Delaware Online Com


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