A crash that occurred in Pico Rivera is the most recent fatal car accident that untimely snipped the existence of several people. It was reported last Friday that the factor causing the fatal collision must have been over-speeding. The driver who was only 22 years and two kids were the victims of the crash.

On Thursday night, a mishap occurred at Pico Rivera that resulted to the deaths of three people: the driver of the Civic, age 22, a young boy, age 13year and another young boy, age 11. Details of the accident are not yet cleared but it is surmised that the vehicle carelessly driven into an oncoming traffic may have been the main cause.

Authorities also suspected that the speeding driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs have been a great contributory factor to the crash. The investigation discovered that a Honda was overspeeding around a curve in Pico Rivera so the driver was unable to veer away prior to slamming directly into a Nissan Sentra. The operator of the Civic was a male driver, age 22 and he had two young boys riding at the back.

The three riders inside the Honda Civic were all killed in the collision as they were violently ejected from the car.

The male driver was bringing the two kids home from a middle school graduation party. There were two other passengers in the car, a female, as well as a third child. They were immediately delivered to the hospital in critical condition.

The two women who were inside the Sentra are alive, but they sustained serious injuries and were delivered to a local medical center.

Mourners made their way to the site of the tragic crash that occurred in Pico Rivera to offer their condolences. They dropped off flowers and laid candles at the site, while family and friends of the deceased held a service together, weeping for their loved ones late Friday night.

One of the boys killed was said to have just graduated from sixth grade earlier that day.

The 3rd child ejected in the crash was delivered to the area hospital and placed under critical condition. While the two women Sentra passengers were transported to the hospital and are now in stable condition.

Albert Delgado said he saw lots of bodies and he was just trying to help the kids. He stayed with one but by the time the emergency crew came; the boy was dead.

Eric Valencia, a witness stated that the crash in Pico Rivera was so horrific that it was difficult to even look at.

The Pico Rivera crash was a reminder of a horrific crash that happened in North Carolina this week. A 24-year-old driver was bringing his brother to attend a high school graduation when they got into a crash. They were both dead on the scene.

Investigators are still investigating the cause of the Pico Rivera crash. Although authorities said alcohol was not likely the cause, rather speed was a factor.

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