Los Angeles—This accident happened last year but it is worthwhile remembering what damage a chain-reaction truck accident can do.

Fire fighters required several hours to extricate a driver who was trapped inside his wrecked trailer-tractor after nine other trucks following the rig crashed in chain-reaction accident along the Interstate 5 bypass tunnel. This was exactly the same places where a fiery crash accident happened five years ago which killed three people, the California Highway Patrol reported last Tuesday.

Investigators believed that one of the factors leading to the crash was bad weather as it was raining early Tuesday morning 25 miles north of downtown Los Angeles where Newell Pass Tunnel is located.

An investigation made by the media resulted in discovery a report that more than a decade before the deadly pileup crash happened five years ago, authorities have been warned of the dangerous freeway and were advised to take steps for improved safety.

What the highway officials did was to cut grooves along the pavement to improve traction. The police also requested that the area be closed during bad weather but it was rejected by higher authorities.

What remedy state authorities did was to raise the speed limit along the tunnel from 45 mph to 55 mph.

According to CHP Officer Mike Harris, last Tuesday’s crashes began when a big-rig turned around and jackknifed after traveling into the southbound tunnel just after 2:00 o’clock in the morning. There were three big-rigs traveling the same way and it slammed into the wreckage.

At the start, the three other big-rigs were able to slow down then stop but there were five other trucks, including a dump truck following them which were unable to stop. They collided and a second chain reaction crash into the tunnel with its two lanes going to the same direction.

The impact caused the operator of one truck to be trapped inside and took firefighters about three hours to free him. He sustained non-life threatening injuries and was delivered to a local hospital for treatment.

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Source: ABC Local Go Com