Around 4:30 a.m. on July 28, 2010, a trooper from the Texas Department of Public Safety saw two cars driving at top speed on the I-35 at Rundberg Lane.  A chase ensued where the troopers were able to arrest one driver.  The other one, however, would not stop.  The driver who didn’t want to get pulled over was identified as Primitivo Islas, 21 years old.  The troopers said that he just drove off and fled the scene so they started chasing him across Austin.

A number of 911 calls were received from various people saying that Islas was driving at 100 mph trying to elude the law.  Austin police decided to help DPS who had already tailed Islas for 14 miles.  As a way to evade being caught, Islas started to drive in the wrong direction.  Austin police and DPS called the chase off to ensure the safety of the public.  Also, they started closing the on and off ramps that run along I-35 just to cut down traffic

APD Cpl. Scott Perry also said that they went far back on the roads with their lights on just to warn drivers to move over.  The situation was a very dangerous one because it was hard to predict what Islas was going to do.  The police arrested Islas when he crashed his car onto another in North Austin.  An innocent motorist was hurt in the process.  Islas was taken to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries.  The driver of the Toyota, the vehicle Islas’ car rammed into, also suffered serious injuries and was transported to the University Medical Center Brackenridge

Primitivo Islas was charged with a third degree felony of intoxicated assault with vehicle causing serious bodily injury.  The other driver who was racing with Islas, the one who did not flee the scene was charged with driving while intoxicated.

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