A pedestrian was hit by a marked Police Car from the San Diego Deputy Sheriff Department.  The incident happened in San Marcos early this Tuesday, investigators said.  According to the San Diego Deputy Sheriff Spokesman Jan Caldwell, around One Thirty in the Morning, a Pedestrian was hit by the moving Police Car while attempting to cross the West San Marcos Boulevard.  The scene was taped up, eating the two blocks of the road that causes heavy traffic.  This is to give way for the Investigators to properly investigate the scene and no obstacles will hinder them from doing so.

A medical examiner has arrived at the scene.  His job is to pick up the body of them victim since it needs to be properly taken care off because his body just suffered a tremendous amount of force that resulted into his death.  The Police from the Traffic Enforcement who was driving the Police Car was under routine patrols near the restaurant area when the incident happened.  The West San Marcos Boulevard is known to be one of the busiest highways in the area, that is why routine patrols are normally done in that area to ensure the safety of the people around the road and to respond to any accidents that might occur on the road.  But this time, the Police Car itself that has been doing the Patrols is the one that is involved in the accident.

The Deputy himself who was driving the Police Car has sustained some minor injuries as well, the San Diego Deputy Sheriff’s spokesman said.  The Deputy also said that he saw a driver whom he thinks a drunk driver and decided to pursue the car and that is when the Police Car hit the Pedestrian in the middle of the road.

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(Source: CBS News San Diego  http://www.cbs8.com/story/19571641/pedestrian-struck-and-killed-by-deputys-car)