BALTIMORE – Police cars were dispatched to Brooklyn early Sunday morning because of a home invasion that led to shooting. In an initial report, a car supposedly had on its emergency lights and siren, but, more than one witness counters the report.

The final moments of 41-year-old Leondionas Perez’s life was represented by several different spray-painted circles found on Patapsco Avenue. Whilst picking up some food from a convenience store, he was struck by a police car that was on the way to respond to a report of a shooting incident, according to Baltimore Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. A witness said that Perez’s body was thrown as high as 30 feet in the air.

Accounts of officials indicate that the car had its light and siren on when it collided with Perez.

Guglielmi said that they were able to verify that the lights and sirens were activated at the time of the accident; therefore, they will wait for more information. A formal report will be made by the AIU which will then be handed to the State’s Attorney’s Office for prosecutorial review.

However, a different account of what happened in the car accident was presented by at least one man who had seen the incident in front of his home on the 900 block of Patapsco.

The witness said that the sirens were silenced on the 8th Street since the police do not want to alert the suspects of the shooting incidents which had lasted for nights already.

He also added that he has doubts whether the cars were within the speed limit.

He was sitting at his porch the whole time and saw that the cars were running at about 90.

The witness asked to remain his identity in secrecy for he fears of retaliation from the police.

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