SOUTH LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Last Friday afternoon, three officers were involved in an accident when one of the police cars was airborne and alighted upon a parked vehicle in an area in the southern Los Angeles.

Police officers were answering a call for back up made by another police officer at 4: 30 o’clock that afternoon at Wilmington Avenue and 103rd Street. Vehicles along the road were not minding their siren.

The police car driver had a difficult time avoiding the other vehicles and as he was trying to avoid a collision, he lost control of the car which rolled all the way Avalon Street and 108th Avenue.

Fortunately, no other persons were injured except the officers inside the car. They were immediately brought to the local hospital.

Accidents on the road can happen in any way to anyone including policemen.

In recent years, innovative programs have been introduce to educate drivers on accident prevention still car crashes continue. Many car mishaps happened due to rash and careless driving. Road accidents occur because of disorderly behavior and impatience on the part of the operator. Other physical aspect in the incidence of accidents is bad weather and winter season. A common sense step to avoid car accidents is to follow traffic rules and regulations. Another important safety feature is the use seat belt while driving.

Probably one of the best ways to prevent car accidents is to drive defensively. By being a defensive driver, you could anticipate potential road crashes. A great way to minimize road accidents is being courteous. If you are courteous, you will be more careful by keeping yourself safe on the road.

Accident victims have rights. You may be eligible for compensation for your injuries, wage loss and medical bills. Contact an experienced  california car accident lawyer now for a free consultation.