Dallas — Dallas police had one suspect in custody with another one at large following an officer who fired a shot at the suspect early Friday morning in Oak Cliff.

Dallas police spokesperson, Warren Mitchell stated that authorities responded to a report of an armed encounter at around 3:00 o’clock Friday morning at Block 29000 at W. Davis St. When the undercover agents arrived at the scene, they were told that gunshots were fired in the area and they witnessed a fast-moving black SUV traveling away from the scene.

Mitchell reported that the vehicle of the two suspects was pursued by the police patrol. The immediately jumped out from the SUV and escaped on foot in different separate directions after the vehicle hit an unmarked police car.

According to an officer who was inside a police helicopter hovering over the scene, one of the police officers was prevailed upon to fire a shot at one of the fleeing suspects. The runaway was seen throwing an unknown object under a nearby vehicle.

The undercover officer was wearing a police identifier to show that he was a police. He gave a loud verbal command for the suspect to stop and show their hands. Mitchell recounted that the hands of the suspect was placed on his waist when he faced undercover agents and brought out a hidden object towards the place where the officer were standing. Fearing the danger of a bomb or other deadly weapon, the undercover officer shot at the suspect, but he missed his target.

Authorities did not announce if they recovered the object thrown under the car and did not identify what was in the hand of the suspect.

The suspect was arrested and taken into custody and continued their search for the second suspect; however, up to this time, authorities did not release a description of the second suspect.

Another fleeing man behind the wheel becomes the object of police search. Police confirmed that a driver who did not obey when asked to stop and eluded capture so he is now pursued in a police chase that Friday afternoon around Dallas.

Authorities said that law enforcement instructed the driver of a white SUV that was heading west along I-20 along Polk St. to stop.  The SUV operator refused to follow the order but fled instead which started the pursuit.

Officers chased the vehicle but later lost sight of the driver when nearing near W. Camp in Wisdom Rd. and Greenspan Ave.

Aerial footage from helicopter showed that there were several police and some vehicles from the sheriff’s department that finally caught up the SUV in a residential neighborhood just block away.

But the vehicle was abandoned by the time officers reached the neighborhood and they could not find the driver within the vicinity.

Police are trying to investigate why the officers attempted to stop the car and why the driver fled from the area.

No other information was released as investigation is ongoing.

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