At least one man died causing a major Dallas highway to be close after a high-speed pursuit and shooting by the Police of Dallas that Friday afternoon. A high speed chase and shooting followed the incident which happened that day. It involved a runaway driver and the Dallas police.

Sources stated that at about 4:30 o’clock in the afternoon, Dallas police started pursuing a pickup truck for reasons not known. The pursuit involved the Dallas police and the suspect all over the highway that culminated in a shooting spree along Highway 175 at Buckner Boulevard in South Dallas.

After the mishap, authorities confirmed that none of the police officers were injured in the gunfire. They did not give any information about the driver they pursued.

According to some sources, it was known that the driver of the pickup truck sustained injuries and was transported to the University Medical Center of Baylor. He was admitted for treatment of critical injuries where he was pronounced dead after a few hours.

Witnesses concurred that they saw the Garland police involved in the shooting which is now included as part of the ongoing investigation.

Authorities are now checking whether the incident is linked to the shooting which took place this morning at Shiloh and Miller. The Garland Police are on the look-out for the suspect in the shooting of a convenience store.

The incident took place shortly after 7:30 o’clock Friday morning at the gas station QuikTrip located at the corner of Shiloh Rd. and Miller Rd. When the Police reached the scene, the found the victim with a gunshot wound to his head.

The injured man was identified as William Chapman, age 31 and resident of Garland. He was immediately delivered to the Medical Center of Baylor in Dallas. Medical staff stated he is listed under critical condition.

According to police record, Chapman was one of the customers inside the gas station. The suspect entered the station, then walked up to Chapman, shot him and then fled.

After the shooting in Buckner Boulevard, one man was left in critical condition while police are searching for the gunman.

The job of a police officer is one of the most dangerous compared with other professions. Records in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that police and sheriff’s patrol officers’ ranked number nine among the 15 most dangerous professions. This is based on the most number of fatalities for 2010. Aside from assault and violent acts, the professionals are also in the frontline of transportation incidents which accounted for 18.0 fatalities per 100 thousand and 133 fatalities for 2010. Dallas police officers are no exception to the risk involved in this profession.

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