Finally, the SUV that was alleged to run down two brothers from New Jersey that impaled one to the fence and caused the amputation of the other’s leg was finally discovered by authorities.

But the police continue investigating two people involved in the horrible hit-and-run that took place last Friday along North Bergen.

Hudson County Sheriff’s Office identified the victims as Michael Viruet Jr., age 20, and his brother Adrian, age 11 who were both critically injured.

According to police and family, Michael and Adrian were on their way home from a movie with their sister when they were crashed and airborne by the vehicle that had leaped on the curb at 31st St., along Kennedy Blvd.

The left leg of Michael Viruet Jr. was amputated after the crash. Family members reported that as of Thursday, he was still sedated and on a ventilator.

The arms of Adrian were impaled on a spiked fence plus he suffered from critical head injury. Family members said that as of Thursday, the boy was able to breathe on his own; however, doctors are worried about damage to the left side of his brain.

A night in the movie last Friday ended in a tragedy as the two brothers from N.J. were run over and seriously harm by a rampaging driver. One sustained a fracture skull while the other had a serious injury of the leg that the limb had to be cut.

Elder brother Michael Viruet with his younger brother Adrian and their sister were on their way home from watching a movie in the North Bergen shopping center when a vehicle swerved on the curb of Kennedy Boulevard along 31st St. and threw the two brothers into the air.

Adrian, the younger brother had his arm pierced on an iron spiked fence, but the most serious damage was on his head.

Michael, the older brother had his leg amputated. It was his father who made the decision but he felt guilty about it. Michael is expected to recover well from his amputation; however, the extent of his younger brother’s head injury has not been determined.

Last Wednesday, investigators had a breakthrough when they recovered the red Nissan Rogue they think hit the brothers. The vehicle sustained heavy damage to its front bumper and right-side headlight and was taken to a police precinct for processing.

Police then interviewed the owner of the vehicle and the roommate of the person they believed was driving the SUV the night of the hit-and-run. Later, both suspects were released.

Michael Viruet Sr., the father of the boys said he felt mixed emotions after hearing the recovery of the vehicle by the police. He is hoping that this will lead the police to track down the driver responsible for injuring his sons.

For the father, the biggest piece of evidence was the car and it will only be a matter of time when the guilty one will be arrested. Meanwhile, the police kept the car owner’s name under cover.

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Sources:  NBC Philadelphia Com