ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orlando police officer is entangled in a car crash shortly before 4:00 in the morning of Monday at the intersection of Grand National Drive and International Drive.

Spokesperson from Orlando Police Department had said to Eyewitness that Officer Neal Chase was in his marked patrol car and was heading south on Grand National Drive when the vehicle had crashed with a black, Chrysler sedan.

46 year old Jean Daniel Edmond was behind the wheels of the Chrysler and was heading east on International Drive when his vehicle was T-boned by the police car at the intersection. The Chrysler driver, Edmond, died on the spot.

A witness of the crash, which was another police officer that was trailing the cruiser, had said to the investigators that the Chrysler had driven even when the light was red.

Orlando Police Department spokesperson Barb Jones had said that the accident occurred at 3:57 in the morning and there were few cars around and that the only witness was the other police officer.

Both of the police cars were not responding to a call when the crash had happened.

The victim’s nephew, Greg Edmond, had said that it is crazy that a cop would hit him.

He added that his uncle Daniel was an industrious man who made a living by working at a Disney resort. Edmond and Max Jacques, his passenger, were going home from working at Disney.

Further investigation is still being done by investigators to make sure that the evidence of the crash is aligned with the story presented even though investigators with Orlando police and the Florida Highway Patrol has solid eyewitness account of the accident.

Barb Jones said that the most important thing is to determine what really happened for the sake of all the parties involved.

Police officer Chase and Jacques were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center with injuries that is non-life threatening.

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