LANCASTER – An attempted murder charge was filed by the police against a 44-year-old Lancaster man who rammed his car two times against a woman’s car and pushed it into the street. When he noticed that the car, he was driving was about to crash into a tree at Taco Bell, he scampered to safety. The charge for murder was filed against the Lancaster man that Monday.

According to a news release from the Lancaster Police Department, Dennis Darnell Reid of 103 Pardue St. will also be facing a third-degree assault and battery charge.

The police responded to a call and proceed to Taco Bell located on SC 9 Bypass at 3:30 in the afternoon. They were informed that one of the persons involved in the crash fled from scene running towards Stadium Drive. When reach the scene, they were approached by a 29 year old  who claimed that the feeing driver was the father of her child. That Reid intentionally hit her car after they had a heated argument in the parking lot of Walmart.

In the course of their argument,  Reid started beating the windows of her car and even managed to break the side mirror. The woman eventually drove off from the parking lot to get rid of the furious man. her car’s windows and managed to break off the driver’s side mirror, the woman said. A police report shows that the woman drove out of the parking lot toward the traffic light to get away from Reid.

As the woman was driving away, Reid drove his car along the side of her car and continued to accelerate pushing the vehicle into the road. Until the woman’s car began to turn before it finally settled in the median/ Witnesses saw that while the woman’s car was spinning, Reid tried to ran his car against the vehicle.

Reid lost control of his car, as it jumped two curbs, hitting a tree on Taco Bell’s Place. He scampered out of the car and fled. Officers found him on North Main street.

Police learned that Reid just borrowed the car from someone else. He is presently confined at the Lancaster County Detention Center with no bond.

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