Philadelphia – Among three people injured after a multi-vehicle accident early Thursday morning in the Germantown section of the city is a Philadelphia Police officer.

The mishap took place at about 12:45 o’clock in the morning near the the corner of Chew Ave. and Haines St.

According to police report, an SUV struck a car, and then the car hit the police cruiser.

The officer was delivered to the Hospital of Roxborough sustaining non-life threatening injuries and was said to be in stable condition. The two other victims of the crash were taken to Einstein Hospital and after treatment were pronounced in stable condition.

Investigation is undergoing on what exactly was the initial cause of the accident.

The task of every Police officer is to assist and maintain roadways safety but like other mortals they are not immune to accidents. Being a policeman is considered one of the most dangerous jobs.

Investigators reported five injured people, including a police officer who was off-duty, following a wreck that took place in Kelly Drive last Monday night.

Reported at about 7:00 o’clock in the evening, the incident happened in Block 2200 along Kelly Drive. Investigators responded to the call and found that here vehicles are involved in the crash.

A driver of one vehicle was listed in stable condition while a passenger was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The operator of the second vehicle sustained minor injuries and pronounced in stable condition while his passenger broke his femur. The third vehicle driver was the off-duty officer, who sustained an injury of the leg but was said to be in a stable condition.

An investigation of the accident is ongoing; however, they have not released any info on what caused the crash.

A few weeks ago, a Philadelphia Police officer was injured during a fiery car accident that happened just before 5:30 o’clock that Saturday afternoon at the intersection of Tasker and 28th Streets.

The officer was answering to a radio call when the police cruiser crashed and caught fire right after. Dante Johnson, who lives just a few doors away, heard the impact of the collision from his bedroom. He immediately went and offer his help.

Terrance Lemon said that the quick action of his brother helped the officer as they were able to pull him from the vehicle before the fire started. The cop was transported to the University Hospital of Hospital of Pennsylvania. Although there was no information released of his condition but it is believed he will be okay.

The person who was driving the other vehicle sustained minor injuries and was delivered to HUP.

Johnson commented that the fire department took a while to come but they arrived and prevented a chain reaction of fire on a bunch of parked cars on this block.

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