A head-on vehicular crash at the northeast end of the city on Thursday sent victims to a hospital—one victim was a Toronto police officer and the other, a 57-year-old woman

The accident had happened at Midland Avenue, north of Lawrence Avenue, just shortly after 12:30 in the afternoon. The involved police officer was trapped inside of the crushed cruiser after the accident

The police officer, who was responding to a call in order to assist another police officer, was driving at Midland Avenue in the southbound lanes when he hit another vehicle that was heading northbound, according to a report released by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit.

The officer had tried to make away around the traffic when he hit another vehicle that was driven by the 57-year-old woman, as said by a witness.

Investigation with regards to the car accident is now instigated by the SIU.

The police officer was trapped for about 30 minutes inside the vehicle. The emergency crews had to use the Jaws of Life in order to pull out the officer from the crushed vehicle.

Both drivers were taken to Sunnybrook Hospital after being removed from the scene on backboards

The SIU reported that both victims had sustained serious but otherwise non-life threatening injuries.

The police officer suffered with a broken and dislocated pelvis whilst the woman had broken her right ankle

The 41-year-old police officer involved in the accident was in service in the force for about 5 years and also was engaged and about to be married this year.

Another vehicle, a taxi, was also involved in the accident but fortunately, the driver had only sustained minor injuries, says District Fire Chief Richard Cooper.

Anyone who has information or had witnessed the collision is encouraged by the SIU in order to help the ensuing investigation to contact them at this number: 416-641-1866

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