An officer has died from complications of surgery after being involved in a Feb. 18 on-duty car accident.

The officer, 44-year-old Forrest “Dino” Taylor from Annapolis, was responding to a call when he was injured in a crash at a stoplight in Mount Vernon. He died on Aug. 29 after going through the latest of the series of medical procedures.

On the day of the accident, February 18, at 5:50 in the morning, Taylor turned his lights and sirens on while on the way to help a fellow officer, said the police. Taylor ran through a stop light in the 600 block of Guilford Avenue in Mount Vernon when his vehicle was struck by a sports utility vehicle that was driving through a green light, according to the police. The impact made Taylor’s police car to hit a pole and fire hydrant. His vehicle came to a stop in the 500 block of Guilford Avenue, the police say.

The driver of the SUV was not filed with any citations. Officer Taylor was found to be not at fault, either.

Guglielmi said that the police are taught to be careful when driving through a red light but that does not guarantee to prevent crashes. He added that the accident was indeed very tragic.

According to the police, Officer Taylor was known best for walking his foot post in the downtown community.

Taylor leaves behind his wife and two children.

Guglielmi said that Taylor died while responding to a complete stranger. He should be a reminder of what police officers do every day.

Since 2010, Taylor is the fourth Baltimore police officer to fall in the line of duty.

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