A police-involved vehicular crash in Hialeah claimed the life Andrea Castillo and seriously injured two others including the police.

Marco Barrios, the driver an SUV, and his girlfriend, Andre Castillo, were traveling north on 9th Court when they crashed with an unmarked police vehicle that was driven by an on-duty police who was heading east on E. 49th Street on the night of Friday, said the police.

The police was flown to the hospital whilst Castillo was brought to the hospital via an ambulance. Castillo later on perished with the injuries she sustained. Castillo is the daughter of Susie Castillo, the newly elected Miami-Dade School Board member.

Marco Barrios, on the other hand, “is not doing well,” according to attorney John Leighton on Wednesday.

He is currently in the Intensive Care Unit suffering fractures, internal bleeding and head injury and apparently had episodes of losing consciousness. He will undergo surgery in the next few days, says his attorney.

Leighton is asking for the Miami-Dade Police’s Department’s Traffic Homicide Unit to take over the investigation because there is an obvious conflict of interest with Hialeah Police Department.

Leighton cited that there was a rush of blaming his client in the accident when Hialeah Police spokesman Carl Zogby said then that Barrios violated the stop sign and proceeded through the intersection.
Leighton insisted that the officer was going in a high rate of speed when he side sweep Barrios’ car and furthermore, what happened after the accident was even more alarming.

The officer was airlifted to the hospital whilst Barrios and Castillo were transported via an ambulance.

However, Hialeah Fire Captain Cesar Espinosa stated on Tuesday that every patient on the scene was treated accordingly.

Hialeah Police Department declined to comment on this issue on Wednesday saying that they are waiting for the results of the investigation.

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