An accident which happened at the city’s Parkside section sent two injured officers of the Philadelphia Police to the hospital. Witnesses said that the police officers were hospitalized after their patrol car crashed into a church van parked beside the road. The condition of the officers has not been given out to the public. The reason why two Philly officers are under treatment in the hospital is due to an accident which happened at the Parkside city section.

According to witnesses, at about 4 o’clock in the morning, they noticed a police car traveling at top speed at the intersection of 52nd and Warren. They saw it crashed into a van parked beside the road. It was not likely that the officers were running after another vehicle.

The police patrol car hit the van that belonged to the Church of Greater Bible Way. Officials reported that the 41-year-old and 44-year-old officers crashed against the windshield. They were transported to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital but they could not remember what led to the crash.

The two police officers of Philadelphia were hurt when their cruiser hit a church van in the Parkside section of the city. It occurred early Sunday morning just along the 5100 block of Bible Way.

Police told the press that the two 19th district officers were answering a call and even switched on their warning lights. As the cruiser turned at off 5nd North Street, the driver was no able to manage the patrol car and crashed against the church van owned by the Church of Greater Bible Way which was parked beside the street.

The head of one officer was bleeding and both officers complained of back and neck pains. They were treated at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

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