At least three people were killed and two in critical condition in a single car crash that occurred shortly before midnight Saturday. The crash had such an impact that the car was severed into multiple pieces. A tow truck hauled away the mangled debris of the vehicle involved in a crash on Route 646 near Mill Green Road Saturday night that killed three people and seriously injured two others.

According to Cpl. Dudek of the Maryland State Police, the accident took place around 11:22 o’clock in the evening at Prospect Road (Route 646) and Mill Green Road.

The news release coming from Maryland State Police listed three people fatalities: the driver of the 2008 Mazda 3, identified as Tyler G. Anderson, 21 years old and a resident of Jarrettsville, and two passengers; Shawn R. Ponton, 21 years old from of Jarrettsville, and Alexzandria O. McDowell, 2years old from Street.

Nineteen-years-old M. Owensby of Bel Air, and 21-years-old David E. Clark of Street were airlifted by Medevac helicopter to Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

Maryland State Police Spokesman Greg Shipley said that these young people were friends and were returning to the home of the driver. Two people involved in the crash left their own vehicles at home.

The car had been over speeding so that troopers and EMS personnel said that when it crashed it was broken into two pieces that were 100 feet apart. One half of the vehicle had fallen into a deep ravine.

Maryland State Police at the Bel Air Barrack originally received a call from a citizen who reported that there was a vehicle off the roadway.
Dudek said that the 2008 Mazda was registered to Anderson and his father. The operator was traveling at a high rate of speed east on Prospect Road towards Route 136. The presence of extreme curve made the driver hit a guardrail then a tree. Dudek continued that because it was traveling so fast, the car was severed into pieces.

The car became airborne and struck a tree on the eastbound side of the road. The force of the impact caused the vehicle to break in half.

Accident Reconstructionists were on the scene around 6 a.m. and were expected to be there another hour or two. It is not known if the crash was alcohol-related. Due to the severe vehicle damage, troopers have been unable to determine if the occupants were wearing seatbelts.

Authorities said that although the accident has been completely cleared, it was a complex scene that will continue to be investigated for quite a while. This will take weeks, if not months, to reconstruct the scene.

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