Three lives were wasted in a car crash early Sunday morning: a 22-year-old woman pregnant with her first child and her mother.

Her friends said that 22-years-old Yareliz Cordova-Laluz of York was happily expecting motherhood. She just attended her sister’s baby shower in Philadelphia that Saturday and was going home with four other family members when their minivan hit heads-on with a tree early Sunday in Paradise.

Both expectant mother and her mother, identified as Iris N. Laluz, age 48, died at the scene; while three other family members were injured, two of them critically.

Monday, the police gave out the identities of the people involved in the crash. The driver was Jose A. Ortiz-Ortiz , age 20 who was Cordova-Laluz’s husband. Two passengers in the van were her 15-year-old brother and her father, Israel Cordova-Pagan, age 51.

The family is from York. The three injured were transported to General Hospital of Lancaster sustaining life-threatening injuries.

State police Trooper J.B. Fassnacht reported that the husband of Cordova-Laluz and her father were critically injured.  A spokesperson from the hospital declined to release the condition of the 15-year-old because he is a minor.

According to her friends, Cordova-Laluz was several months pregnant with her first child and was very excited in having a baby. One of her friends identified as Marily Velez, age 23, resident of Philadelphia said that accident is so heart-breaking and they are all mourning for their friend.

The Ortiz-Ortiz family lived in Philadelphia before they decided to relocate to York last year.

Velez, who belonged to the same church the family is attending, The Church of God Inc., was a close friend of Cordova-Laluz. She said that her friend has a very sunny disposition with a smiling face even during hard days.

Velez said the Ortiz-Ortiz family came from a baby shower for Cordova-Laluz’s sister who resides in Philadelphia that Saturday. They were going home back to York when the tragedy happened.

Authorities discovered that Ortiz-Ortiz was driving the Mercury, 1996 Villager west along Rte. 30 when the van swerved across the highway and ran off the south side of the road; then it hit a pile of rock and a small tree before it crashed head-on a large tree.

The large tree is located about 15 feet off the road at 3111 Lincoln Highway.

Mother and daughter were sitting on the right side of the minivan, one was seated front and the other was occupying a second row of seat.

It was also obvious that no occupant of the minivan wearing a seat belt. The two women’s autopsies revealed that Cordova-Laluz and Laluz died accidentally from multiple traumatic injuries.

Lancaster roads are not as safe as it looks for around 47 people have been killed for killed in 2014.

State police are conducting investigation of the accident and did not release any more details. They are asking anyone with information about it to contact them in the Police Department.

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Source:  Lancaster Online Com