Another young life was claimed yesterday in a hit-and-run accident which took place in Northern Boulevard. Police reported that an 11-year-old child was struck and killed by a dump truck just a block away from the child’s school. The driver drove off and claimed that he was unaware of hitting a person.

Police reported that around 8:50 o’clock in the morning, a white dump truck was carrying a generator along Jackson Height’s 80th Street and when it was turning in Northern Boulevard, its back hit the boy.

The victim, identified as Miguel Torres, 11 years-old, dies on the scene. Law enforcers said that the boy was walking on the crosswalk and had the right of way.

The operator of the dump truck claimed that he was unaware of hitting the boy. Police said that if his claim is true, he will not be charged for homicide by vehicle but cited for a traffic violation.

The boy’s uncle, Lazaro Zubizarreta informed the police that Miguel was on his way to school as their class was scheduled to have a field trip to the Terminal of Grand Central.

It was around 9:00 o’clock that morning when Miguel Torres was crossing the corner of Northern Boulevard and 80th Street when he was hit by the truck.

According to the police that both Torres and the dump truck were not at fault as the boy had a walk signal while the truck has a green light. After the mishap, the truck fled from the scene. At the beginning, the police were not convinced that the driver did not know that the back of his truck hit the boy and that he had no intention of running away..

After apprehending the driver and conducting a thorough investigation, authorities learned that there was no criminality involved. The charges that could be filed against the driver was not giving way to a pedestrian at a crosswalk.

Uncle Zubizarreta, age 58, recalled that Miguel was such a happy and great child who was loving and loved by everyone.

The tragic event was a shocker to the family and the neighborhood, even to the emergency crew who responded to the call.

A witness, 52 years-old Olga Gonzales said that they were all so devastated that even the ambulance staff was in tears.
The impact of the truck was so great that the boy’s shoes came off. Gonzales witnessed the whole thing and could not keep herself from crying.

Miguel was studying at IS 145 but school was having a break. The principal said that the entire school administration and students were sad of the tragedy and commiserate with his family. Grief counselors came to the school to help his classmates deal with the issue

The principal told the children to be care in crossing the street and only to cross when there is red light. One of the 7th graders said that parents should walk with their children at all times.

Residents in the block companied that the intersection is dangerous as drivers are not aware of their speed limit. This was the comment of 30 years-old Kenneth DiLorenzo who was living 2 blocks away. He proposed that a speed-limit signal must be posted along the way despite of the center island that the city recently installed.

Surveillance camera at a nearby shop showed the child purchasing a soda and Pop tarts minutes before the accident. The shop owner who sold the food stuff said that Torres was going to cross the street on the his way to school. Although school was close for the holidays, an extra-curricular program as in the offing.

A neighbor identified as Nicaro Gemosen said that the accident is making her feel concern for the safety of children as she has also a young daughter.

The fatal accident was the 3rd of its kind happening along the borough within three days. Last Wednesday, two mothers from Queen also died from hit-and-run drivers plying the area.

One victim was identified as 38-years-old, Sheena Mathew, 38, who was hit while crossing Hillside Avenue at Floral park after she picked up a prescription for her husband.
The second fatality was identified as 30-years-old, Maria Beria who died just a few steps away from her residence in South Jamaica Homes. A driver struck her while unlocking the door of her vehicle.

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