Five people were sent to the hospital on Sunday for minor injuries after a three vehicular car crash in Harford County. 48-year-old Stephen G. Smith a.k.a. Stash on radio station 98 Rock, a popular Baltimore radio personality, is facing charges of DUI, negligent driving and other traffic offenses.
He was arrested on Sunday and corrected some points that were reported wrongly.

Smith was said to be driving in a seemingly high speed on a Nissan Quest north on Route 24 when he rear-ended a Hyundai that was stopped at the signal near to the intersection with Interstate 95. In result, the Hyundai was pushed and hit the SUV stopped in front of the Hyundai. According to the police, Smith travelled a good 300 feet distance north of where the accident happened before he stopped his car.

Smith had just left his home shortly before 9 in the evening when the incident had happened. He clarified that he did not try to flee from the accident nor be filed with charges of fleeing.

He said that he pulled over his car away from the intersection and waited along the guardrail.

The investigators said that he was arrested in the scene of accident after exhibiting common signs and symptoms of a person that is under influence.

Five people in the Hyundai—the driver and four passengers—were taken via ambulance to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center for the treatment of their injuries. They were later released from the hospital. The driver and passenger of the SUV did not merit any injuries fit for hospitalization, according to the police.

Smith and the Station management refused to comment to the question on when he would return to hid afternoon time slot at the station.

Smith has other pending traffic cases such as a court date on Thursday in Towson for charges of speeding, a court date on Oct. 5 for driving when his license was under suspension in Baltimore City in April, and a court date on Aug. 14 for failing to display his license on demand and speeding in Harford County which he was charged on June 12.

Smith was also found guilty in Harford County Circuit Court for speeding and was fined $90.

He was charged in Baltimore County on October 2011 for driving under influence of alcohol, unsafe vehicle on a highway, negligent driving, among other violations.  He was deemed guilty on negligent driving and sentenced probation before judgment on charges of driving while impaired. The other charges were dropped.

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