Waldwick N.J. — Police Officer Christopher Goodell was checking for speeds by using radar on Route 17 was killed after a rig was not able to brake and it hit the back of his unmarked vehicle on a highway. At about 1:30 o’clock on Thursday morning, a rig swerved into the shoulder of the road and rear ended his car in the process. It was pushed into a retaining wall.

John Molinelli, Bergen County prosecutor said that Goodell was a native of Waldwick and was a Marine Corps veteran, appeared as the 2nd police to fall in the line of duty during the last few weeks.

Police Chief Mark Messner was very vocal in citing the good work of the deceased. He said that the 32-yeard-old veteran was an outstanding person and an outstanding officer who was in the police force for half a decade. He was a good American who loved his work, his country and family. He is survived by his family and young fiancée.

The driver of the truck was identified as Ryon Cumberbatch was uninjured and was even the one calling 911. Molinelli said that there was witness to vouchsafe that the driver tried to stop.

Cumberbatch, a resident of New York, was charged with homicide by vehicle and scheduled to have a day in court on Monday. He was held on bail amounting to $25,000.

Investigators are trying to probe why the 18-wheel truck veered towards the shoulder of the road. At the time of the wreck, the trailer was almost full and carrying produce.

Waldwick residents remembered Goodell as a very positive individual who loved his town that was a classy suburb 25 miles NW of New York.

Kevin Carroll, principal of Waldwick High School recalled that Goodell graduated in 2000 and he often spoke before the students as an active participant in the school’s drunken-driving simulation class.

Gregg Burke, a local business owner, spoke of Goodell’s sunny disposition that you can describe as a nice person.

Police stated that the hazard lights of the truck were blinking as it stopped on a grassy spot between the shoulder of the road and a raised backyard. The cab was positioned at a 90-degree angle from the rest of the truck. The vehicle crashed into a white picket fence and stone wall causing the fencing and rocks to be strewn all over the highway.

Brendon Shim, a resident of Brendon Shim said on the day of the wreck, there were three loud sounds like thunderclaps coming from the area. Unmarked police cars are often seen around his place and he knew that are after speeders.

The fatal accident occurred a couple of days after Jersey police Officer Melvin Santiago, age 23 and a rookie, was ambushed and killed by bad elements outside a drugstore.

Molinelli concurred that police officers are facing dangers every single day.

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Source:  NBC News Go Com