Last Tuesday night, the neighborhood of Van Nuys endured a night without electricity as the driver of vehicle for recreation caused a mark of devastation and cutting off electric power. Aside from creating this colossal damage, he crashed into several cars, a fence and slammed against the of an apartment complex.

Witnesses told police that the crash was perpetuated by aTioga 1973 Sportsman that took place at around11:30 o’clock evening of Tuesday along Sepulveda Blvd. Police were told by witnesses that driver of the vehicle was running at a speed of more than 60 to 70 MPH along Sepulveda Boulevard. Then it turned towards an alley at the rear of Apartments complex of Kingston located in Clark Street.

As the operator of the vehicle was negotiating a turn, it struck the corner of the building and cut off at least two power utility poles. The vehicle did not stop but went crashing into a fence and damaged around about 10 vehicles at the adjacent apartment complex.

Nick Cochran, one of the residents, said that he was already in bed when he saw sparks flying up over the building and everything was chaos.

After the D-of Public Work checked the building, two units were stamped with a yellow-tagged which indicates that a structural damage was detected after an inspection by agency officials.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the errant driver was identified as Lawrence Wright, age 60, resident of Sun Valley.  He was booked on acts of misdemeanor and DUI after he refused to take a sobriety tests, according to the LAPD.

His bail was set at $30,300.

When police reached the scene, they found the corpse of the RV in a parking area. The back portion of the RV was destroyed and its entire contents of were scattered throughout the parking area.

The crash was so strong that the driver of the Sportsman’s cab was trapped inside and had to be extricated by the fire-rescue crew.

Officer Oliver Olano said that at first he could not see a vehicle and view what citizens were talking about until he went to the back part of the parking lot. All I saw was what used to be a vehicle.

Olano saw lots of items scattered all over the place and also the front portion of what used to be an RV.

Power lines were cut and the outage affected more than 480 residents who were residing within the five-square block area starting from Sepulveda Boulevard down to Burbank Boulevard. Power was resumed to most residences early Wednesday morning.

As a result of the power outrage, people were not able to up as their alarm clocks did not work so they were late for their jobs and didn’t realize what was happening. This was the opinion of one resident, Don Taylor.

Emergency crew discovered three pit bulls and Chihuahua safe in the RV so they called animal services officers to the rescue.

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Source: NBC Los Angeles Com