LOS ANGELES – The County Coroner of Los Angeles identified today the 27-year-old motorcyclist who died his bike collided with a truck along the Freeway of Santa Ana in East Los Angeles Interchange.

Coroner’s Investigator Mario Sainz said that the fatality was identified as Haik Bagdassarian, a resident of Reseda.

The incident happened on the northern side or 5 Freeway, at the northern area of Lorena Street, at about 1:40 o’clock Friday afternoon, as reported by California Highway Police.

Bagdassarian, the victim, was riding his Honda 2006CBR600 going north near the Santa Monica Freeway exit. The police said that the driver lost control of his bike and was ejected. He was run over by a truck several times and died on the spot.

CHP are investigating the cause of the accident. Witnesses who were present in the incident are requested to come forward and add information to the case.

A few quick reminders every time a motorcyclist goes to the road. Remember that others vehicle operators are not looking out for you. It is a fact that many drivers don’t seem to see motorcycles as they are used to see larger moving objects. This is the reason why many motorists suddenly pull in front of motorcyclists. Driving your bike on the road means you have to drive super defensively; always keeping in mind that you are practically to everyone else.

Many mishaps occur because the motorcyclist over estimates his or her skills. They believe that they could take a curve faster or they think they can handle most of the problem on the road. Know your bike, and know what you can do with it. Give yourself time to hone your skills on motorcycle riding.

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