March 28, 2013

Sad news for family, friends and University co-workers of James Diamond, age 74, who met his untimely death  after a car accident this morning. Rabbi Diamond was a retired director in the Center for Jewish Life at Princeton University. He was fatally hit while getting inside a Prius at the Riverside Drive today.

According to the police, Eric Maltz, age 20 from Princeton was operating his BMW at top speed going south on Riverside Drive when his car struck a parked unoccupied Toyota Camry on the north side of the road.

The force of the BMW 2003 propelled the Camry almost 1,000 feet backward down the road. It also pushed the Prius that was parked along the curb way across the street where its rear struck a tree. The driver of the Prius Rabbi Robert Freedman, age 63, also from Princeton.

When the crash occurred, Rabbi Diamond was entering the door of the Prius’ passenger side. The impact threw him from car area to the ground. After 9:30 o’clock in the morning, the police came and found him on the ground but no amount of lifesaving efforts saved him as he died at the scene.

According to Riverside police, both drivers, Maltz and Freedman, had injuries and were taken to an area trauma center where they remain.

The wreck occurred just in front of Riverside Elementary School, which fortunately was closed at the time.

Officer Michael Cifelli said that due to its high speed and the force of the collision, the unoccupied Camry was pushed almost a thousand feet down the road. It also forced the Prius down the road and across the street until it slammed against a tree. He said that the police suspected BMW operator to be under the influence of a substance or under some kind of medical condition.

.Riverside Drive between R- 27 and Prospect Avenue were closed for several hours this morning but was reopened around 12:30 o’clock in the noon after the three cars were towed from the scene.

As of now, the authorities have not filed charges as the accident is being investigated by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office in conjunction with the Serious Collisions Unit of Princeton Police.

Patrolman Judd Petrone stated that the crash is under investigation with the cooperation of Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. Helping in the site was the First Aid & Rescue and Fire Department of the University. After completing initial investigation, authorities will be filing charges.

Diamond was well-loved by the entire community having served for almost a decade as the executive director of the Center for Jewish Life at Princeton University. Appointed in 1995 as the first full-time director two years after the opening of the Center, he was retired in 2003. However, he continued teaching on a part-time capacity at the University. Diamond was a Conservative rabbi and has gained the respect and admiration of both students and faculty for his efforts to unite different Jewish denominations at Princeton.

Rabbi Diamond’s funeral service will be held at 1:00 o’clock on Sunday afternoon at Princeton’s Jewish Center. He will be interred at the Monmouth Junction’s Cemetery in Washington.

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Source: Planet Princeton Com


Source: NJ Com Mercer