Ice, snow and inclement weather are great deterrence to road safety. Lt. Mike Voorhees of the Bernards Township police reported shortly after noon on Tuesday that there were road crews out, but many minor accidents on snow and slush-slicked roads.

Police Capt. Ed Byrnes also reported that multiple vehicles were getting stuck on steep Allen Road in The Hills development. There was a fender bender that occurred on Martinsville Road by the Marriott as of about noon.

Byrnes said that roads are so hazardous and motorists are cautioned to be careful; however, she stated that once the salt and plows are on their job, the roads will improve.

He added that police are advising people to minimize their driving, drive slowly and exercise caution as it is usually a common experience that more minor accidents and stuck vehicles happen during the first snow storms of the season.

Ice is the cause of dangerous conditions on roads, unfortunately resulting in many car accidents. Roads are more dangerous this time of year, even when there’s no snow on the ground. As soon as temperatures drop, moisture on the roadways will freeze, causing the phenomenon known as “black ice.” The sheet of ice will become so thin on the asphalt that it’s transparent, and in many case, unseen by drivers until it’s too late.

Some things you can do to avoid the dangers of icy roads: maintain your vehicle properly all the time; obey proper speed limit given for the area; use the brake gently and early turn on the skid; and do not use cruise control. These guidelines are not only for snowy weather but must eb observed all year through.

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Source: Basking Ridge Patch

Source:  Icy Road Safety Report