January 06, 2013

Meanwhile, the elderly couple was transported to the Hospital of Hahnemann. The man was suffering injuries to his ribs and chest. The woman was listed in stable condition.

As the elderly couple remained in the hospital after being innocent victims of road rage; their daughter, Donna Hass allowed an exclusive interview with a TV station.

Donna identified her parents as 90-year old loving father, Aaron Goldblum and the best mother in the world, 82 year-old Susan Goldblum. They were the victims of road rage and now they are a mangled mess recuperating in the hospital. She asked for prayers that her parents will recover.

Haas was able to talk to her father about the accident and this is what he said. Her father said that they were just driving on the way when all of the sudden a car running at a speed of 80 to 90 MPH appeared and hit them. His father was hit on the head and he was aware of the noise which was horrible. He started to experience intense pain as his sternum was cracked and he sustained multiple rib fractures. Her mother also had rib fractures and one of her lungs was punctured.

The police were able to reconstruct the conflict between the two drivers which started from the fender bender.

According to police, the Buick driver identified as 25-year-old Isaiah Mack was operating his car when he hit a Nissan driven by 29-year-old Andrae Salmon.

The police said that Mack escaped from the scene when he saw that Salmon was chasing him. Eyewitnesses saw that Mack crashed another car when he reached block 2200 along Bryn Mawr Ave. The next car he hit was that of the elderly couple.

During the split second of the crash, Haas’ father believed that it was the end for him and his wife. Even his wife thought that it was there time to go.

It bought the couple to a near-death experience who have been married for 57 years, all because reckless drivers like Mack and Salmon went into a road rage and could not control their anger. They have to chase each other without thinking of the risk they give to the people around them.

Haas is hoping that justice will give them what they deserved so in they will realize where their   aggressive emotions will lead. Maybe in the time to come, they will learn how to control their emotions especially when they are on the road.

Updates from the hospital contained the information that the Goldblums are still in the ICU of the University Hospital, but fortunately, they are conscious and talking.

Police said that both drivers have been officially charged with vehicular assault and several related offenses as they are both accountable for committing road rage.

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