BROOKSTON, Ind. – A group of robbers had gotten so much than what they have bargained for. Aside from facing the consequences of their criminal action, the group is also facing the consequences after meeting a vehicular accident while they were on the run from the pursuing police.

Around 5 p.m. Saturday, the police received a report regarding a robbery at Lafayette wherein the police learned that a dangerous weapon—a firearm—was stolen from a home. The resident of the house also had suspicions of the suspect that had robbed his home and he relayed it to the authorities.

It was not long enough that a 911 call reached the police saying that the man named as the suspect in the burglary was spotted inside a car and was pointing a gun to another person inside another vehicle.

Authorities quickly dispatched their units to the area where the suspect was spotted. They were able to locate the suspect and saw him leaving the said area.

Then the trailing began until another unit will be dispatched that will be tasked to stop the said vehicle.

The unit assigned to put a stop to the vehicle had made an attempt as the suspect’s vehicle exited the interstate; however, the suspect quickly escaped and went Northbound on State Road 43.

At this point on, the authorities decided to stop their attempts in chasing the suspect’s vehicle. But as luck would have it, the authorities received a report regarding a vehicle that had crashed had crashed into a tree insie a yard in Brookston. The vehicle that had crashed had matched the description of the vehicle of the suspect they had been trailing a few moments earlier.

After the crash, the police had received a report that an occupant inside the vehicle had run on foot away from the scene. When the police arrived in the scene of the crash, two occupants were found inside the vehicle—a female and a male.

The female passenger was taken to Lafayette whilst the other passenger was transported via Lifeline to Indianapolis. The injuries the man had sustained were not released by the authorities.

A few hours later, the police still was not able to locate the other occupant who had fled the scene.

The accident was only a single vehicular incident and no other persons were harmed in the incident.

Furthermore, there was a positive match with the stolen firearm and a firearm found inside the vehicle.

The authorities are unable to provide more information about the identities of the persons involved since investigation is still on the process.Accident victims have rights. You may be eligible for compensation for your injuries, wage loss and medical bills. Contact an experienced  Injury attorney now for a free consultation

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