Folks living along the Valleys of Delaware and Lehigh were cautioned to show care when going out of doors. A blast from the arctic region will be delivering frigid temps and building up icy roads around many places.

No. 476 southbound, along the Radnor Twp exit, was not moving until around 11:15 in the night of Monday. Authorities had to close several lanes after more than a dozen cars spun out of control.

Although some people on the road were treated but no major injuries were reported. Everyone blamed the slippery condition of the roads.

Due to icy roads from an overnight of snow fall, one more road mishap occurred at about 9:10 o’clock in the morning on Road Bridge of Thompson just at the southern part of Brandywine.

State police, Cpl. John day reported that a vehicle rolled over and fortunately, the driver was able to get out of the transport on time. To avoid a traffic jam, the road was closed for a few hours. Paramedics arrived to treat the injured but soon left the scene. The driver remained in the police car. The operator suffered minor injuries and was later delivered to a local hospital.

There were reports of other accidents but the state police with Day and his other troopers were only dispatched to the Thompson Bridge

As Monday night engulfed the area in darkness and the snow started falling; state police responded to at least 19 other road accidents.

Michael Hill, one of the motorists who witnessed the Thompson Bridge accident, told the press that the Memorial Bridge of Delaware was emerging as a disaster area as the snow continues falling. He said that he was approaching the Bridge from New York at about 8:00 o’clock in the evening and was able to reach the other side after 45 minutes.

He related that he could see lots of action as the wheels of various types of vehicles, like cars, trucks, vans and others were spinning as they came close to the top and ascended towards the other side. It was like sliding on a skating rink. The descent made at the northbound path at I-95 was done the same manner as that side of the bridge was in similar shape. Bridge authorities did not anticipate that this would be the aftermath of the storm from Southern Jersey.

Roads become dangerous to drive as temps go down throughout the evening and overnight which could lead to accidents. Police advised that If you need to drive, do so slowly and be sure to keep sizeable amount of distance between you and rest of the vehicles on the road.

Even during non-wintry months, many car accidents happened in Thompson Bridge.
Less than three months ago, one victim died in a wreck on Thompson Bridge Road in North Hall County. Two individuals were involved in that crash. One victim was trapped in a vehicle sustaining serious injuries. After he/she was extricated from the vehicle by the emergency crew, the injured person was airlifted by an ambulance helicopter to Grady Memorial Hospital. However, the victim expired along the way.

A few months ago, a woman was able to escape from the fire that erupted after 2 cars collided .early Wednesday in the area. The crash occurred after 6 o’clock p.m. in the vicinity of Centerville’s Thompson Bridge Road. The two cars crashed head-on as one of the vehicles hit a tree.

Police reported that the woman, age 40, who was driving the car that hit the tree was able to escape as her car started burning. Operators of both cars were delivered to the area hospital.

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