A school board member was arrested by the authorities of Bartow County after allegations of hitting a teenage girl with her car.

A surveillance video from the incident has been released by Bartow County sheriff’s investigators. The incident occurred in a parking lot of a Walmart located in Cartersville.
The video shows a car that appeared to have struck a person that was holding a parking space.
The suspect is Bartow County school board member Angela Cornett and the victim was a 17-year-old student from Adairsville High School.

According to Bartow County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jonathan Rogers, the footage shows a pedestrian standing there when the vehicle moved forward quickly. The footage also shows how the victim was struck and how strong the impact.

The investigators added that the teenager’s pants had a black mark that is allegedly coming from the tires of the school board member’s Lexus. Authorities were prompted to charge Cornett with reckless conduct based from the footage.

The victim told authorities that she was holsing the space for a friend who had recently given birth and could not walk very far.

Former school board member Wanda Cagle-Gray believes that Cornett’s actions were a disgrace.
Cornett could face additional charges, according to the authorities.

Cornett was released on bail and her attorney, John Mroczko, released a statement saying that Cornett regrets the incident and strongly denies the allegations. Cornett was on her way to Wal-Mart with her daughter and was planning to park her vehicle near the buggy return when a young lady unfortunately stepped forward into her vehicle which Cornett later learned was to block the parking space. Cornett made an attempt to stop the vehicle immediately. The victim was not hurt and Mrs. Cornett wishes all the best for the young lady involved.

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