Chesterfield— An 11-year-old student of the Chesterfield Elementary School was killed in a road accident and the man behind the wheel in that February 2012 mishap an had a confidential medical history that would not qualify him from driving a school bus.

According to the agency, John Tieman started working as a school bus driver just a matter of three weeks before the crash. Due to the use of prescribed medication and sleep deprivation, he was continually fatigue.

Officials believed that his use of alcohol added to his poor condition in mind and body; although at the time of the crash, he did not have alcohol in his system.

The driver identified as Tieman, age 67, resident of Beverly, should not have been issued a commercial driver’s license that would qualify him to drive a school bus. During the hearing, investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board said that if his medical history had been properly disclosed at the time of his license medical exam, he would not have been allowed to drive a school bus.

The accident happened when a dump truck was running along on R-528 in the vicinity of Chesterfield and was having the right of way. When the truck was at the corner of Old York Rd., a school bus pulled into its path.

The NTSB investigators were surprised why the driver was not able to see the dump truck clearly from where he stopped before crossing Route 528. The truck hit the side of the bus; causing it to spin sideways and hit a utility pole.

Isabelle Tezsla, age 11, was killed in the crash with 15 other students, including Tezsla’s triplet sisters, were injured, two of them seriously. Jonathan Zdybel, who is about to enter the seventh grade, will undergo eye surgery in August for an injury sustained in the crash.

Tieman did not consult a primary care physician for the license medical exam, but to a chiropractor. Since this professional has no knowledge of Tieman’s medical history, the driver made a report of his own medical conditions. He made no report of his chronic lower back pain

Last year Tieman was also cited for failure to stop and yield for his role in the accident. He might even face additional charges as a result of the NTSB report yesterday.

Michael Caporale, age 38, resident of New Egypt, who is the dump truck driver, was issued the following summons: (1) failure to secure the container portion of his truck; and (2) failure to cover the load with a tarp.

The owner of the dump truck, Wrightstown Herman’s Trucking had four summonses: (1) problems of braking; and (2) carrying exceeding weight limits

Hersman said that school buses are the safest means of transportation to bring children to school; however, there is always more to learn and more that can be done to protect schoolchildren.

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