Richardson ISD officials reported that 17 children on board two buses were transported to area hospitals sustaining minor injuries from an accident.

According to Tim Clark, district spokesperson, the two school buses were filled with about 120 students, ranging from ages 11 to 16, who were participating in the district’s summer school program at Junior High and High School of Lake Highlands.

He said that the accident occurred when one bus rear-ended the other at low speed as they were traveling in the same direction.

Clark said as no serious injuries were reported, some of the students proceeded to their classes, while others went home with their parents,

David Escalante, spokesperson for bus operator the County Schools of Dallas said that their most important concern was the safety of children so some were brought to the hospital for precautionary reasons.

Escalante said that they will be investigating the  Texas school bus crash so it will not happen again.

This morning at Lake Highlands, two school buses were involved in an accident.  Four ambulances responded to the scene at the intersection of Royal Lane and Skillman. No clear report was given regarding the number injuries and extent of the damage,

The buses were supposed to take students to Lake Highlands Junior High.

After the crash, 17 Richardson ISD students were delivered to area hospitals for medical evaluations after one school bus rear-ended another school bus.

The two Dallas County buses were transporting around 120 Richardson ISD students to school when the accident occurred along Skillman St. and Royal Lane.

Some students were complaining of aches and pains so they were brought to the Children’s Medical, Presbyterian and Medical City Dallas.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesperson said at the scene said no one of the injured was in critical condition.

It may be recalled that on the same date last year, almost the same accident happened to two school buses carrying more several students.

According to the Fire Rescue of Dallas the accident happened between two buses of the Dallas County School. While the two busses were traveling along the same lane, one bus crashed on the back of the other as they were approaching the intersection of Skillman St. and Royal lane.

The buses were carrying middle and high school students of  Richardson ISD to summer school classes.

There were more than a hundred students on both buses. Almost all of the injuries were just bumped and bruises but 17 students were transported to area hospitals.

Parents were informed and many picked up their children who were not sustaining any injury. Meanwhile, another school bus was sent by the County Schools of Dallas to bring the remaining children back to their classes.

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