A car crash on early Thursday morning sent the driver of a Kia sedan in a critical condition after a school bus ran into a red light and smacked into the Kia, according to the investigators.

Both bus driver and Kia driver is in critical condition and is receiving medical attention at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Fortunately, the bus was not carrying children when the accident happened, said the investigators.

The driver of the school bus was most likely the one who caused the car crash after witnesses say that it ran into a red light at the intersection of Old Winter Garden Road and Good Homes Road,  according to Florida Highway Patrol troopers.

Sgt. Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol say that they are still trying to complete their investigation and that two different witnesses were positive that it was the bus that ran into the red light.

The driver of the Kia, 52-year old Cang Trung To, was fighting for his life after being pulled out from his car, according to troopers.

Bus driver Joinel Jorcelin, 32-years old, had been with the school district for about five years, investigators say.

District Transportation Management will wait for a crash report before taking any action.

Jerry Huckeba of Orange County Schools said that they rely on Florida Highway Patrol for reports such as on incidents and as with any in incidents like this, they will spend a great deal of time investigating.

It was learned by WTFV that school districts perform drug and alcohol tests whenever there is an accident that involves a driver.

Florida Highway Patrol will view onboard video from the bus to determine who might be to blame for the accident.

Although the camera on the bus typically shows children on the bus, Montes said they are looking at it anyway to see for any evidence relating to the incident.

Charges are still pending according to troopers.

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