It pays to have presence of mind while on the road in order to react quickly when anything happens.  It was this presence of mind and lightning fast action that the police commended the driver of the Manor school bus for.  The driver was identified as Jeanie Harrison

The bus was waiting at 16012 Littig Road at 7:30 a.m. to pick two students up.  One student already found his seat while the second student was just entering the bus.  Harrison saw a car suddenly coming towards the bus.  The driver of the school bus reacted quickly by grabbing the student before the other vehicle came into a collision with the bus.

Inside the Chevy Impala that rammed onto the bus were the driver and three students.  They were all taken to the hospital.  On the other hand, there were 50 students inside the bus said the Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services.  The student who was injured was taken to the Dell Children’s Medical Center.

Harrison did more than just think fast and act fast.  Police Sgt. Ryan Phipps said that she also was able to keep all the students calm.  Using her bus seating chart, the police was able to account for each of the students in the bus.

The speed limit that was posted at 16012 Littig Road is 55 mph.  Due to rainy conditions, however, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office officer said that the driver of the Chevy Impala should have driven at a much slow pace than that in order to maintain control of the car.  The accident happened when the driver of the car hit the brakes but lost control of the car when it continued to slide down the road eventually hitting the bus.  The officials ruled that speed was the main factor of the collision.  Slippery roads due to the rainy conditions also played a part.

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