March 08, 2013

Mid-city last Friday was the scene of a school bus accident with about 20 students on board. Witnesses who saw the mishap reported that a vehicle hit the school bus and fled from the site.

The incident took place at the corner of South Carrollton and Tulane. There were ambulances responding to the location but officials were glad to release the good news that no child was critically injured. However, four schoolchildren were under observation at a local hospital after they complain of some pain.

It mishap took place a few minutes before 4:00 o’clock I the afternoon at the intersection of Carrollton and Tulane..

A TV helicopter took video of the scene and reported that there was only very little damage to the bus. None of the children on board was seriously injured but four were delivered to the local hospital for check-up.

Some worried parents picked up some of the students but the others were taken from the sight by a second bus.

Investigation is ongoing.

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