A Private Vehicle smashed into the Rear portion of a School Bus on the Interstate 805 which is near Home Avenue.  The incident happened in the State Freeway last Tuesday morning.  The local Police and the Law Enforcement said that the School Bus Driver was unaware that a car smashed his rear-end.  The School Bus Driver only knew about the situation, when the Students about his School Bus notified the Driver of what happened.  The accident happened during the rush hour and it caused heavy traffic due to congestion.  But the School Bus and the Vehicle was already moved away from the middle of the road to the highway’s shoulder, so that the heavy traffic can be easily managed.  The passenger-type sedan that hit the School Bus is a Honda Civic, and the School Bus is operating under the San Diego Unified School District.

Two students were rushed to the hospital as a precautionary measure, since both of them were sitting on the rear end of the School Bus, which is the part where the Honda Civic smashed into the bus.  The Honda Civics’ hood went under the chassis of the School Bus, and literally lifting the rear end of the School Bus for a couple of centimeters.  This might be a clear indication that the Honda Civics’ driver was travelling a high speeds.

However, the authorities interviewed the School Bus Driver, the Students, and the Honda Civic driver.  But they focused more of their attention into the Honda Civic driver.  But they have found out that the Honda Civic driver is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Therefore, the Honda Civic driver was not cited for now.  The School Bus Driver and the Honda Civic Driver would likely talk about the damages that has been done on the School Bus.

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(Source: CBS News San Diego