Investigators are perplexed then the 81-year-old male driver from Cherry Hill to them that he recalled hitting something with his vehicle but cannot remember what and where it took place.

Police began their search and using new clues to solve the case of a mysterious hit and run which happened in Evesham, NJ. The elderly driver admitted that he have struck a person but the police have not been able to track the victim.

Evesham Police finally decided to end the search for an alleged hit and run victim.

Last Tuesday at 8:12 in the evening, a senior was driving erratically his blue Ford Taurus 1997 model along East Main Street in the vicinity of Knox Boulevard in Marlton- New Jersey. The police apprehended him and they noticed that his windshield was broken and dented with blood. The headlight of the car on the passenger’s side was broken.

Evesham Township Police Sergeant Joseph Friel stated.DNA test confirmed that the blood and human hair entangled in the broken windshield were human.

Police believed that the crash victim might have sustained serious leg wound and critical head wound which could be fatal. They underwent a search in all hospitals for any crash victims.

The 81-year-old operator told police he was driving along the Cherry Hill Mall at 6 p.m. and started feeling disoriented. He remembered hitting something, but cannot remember what and where it happened.

Evesham Police continued searching the surrounding area the whole day of Wednesday and even had the driver with them hoping he recover his memory. Their search resulted to nothing. They checked all the surveillance video, especially the one in the Apple store in Cherry Mall and the ones around the parking area. They saw the old man’s vehicle driving away without any damage.

Investigators concluded that the collision occurred within a one-hour raius around the Cherry Hill Mall and it happened between 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. that Tuesday evening.

The police found nothing after days of searching and decided to end it. They will continue if any tip or clue could be found.

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