BROOKVILLE, Ohio – Road accident is the foremost reason why traffic standstill to the consternation of motorists. Traffic was once again at a standstill on Interstate 70 Sunday night, after the second major crash of the day happened.

Around 8:30, the emergency crews responded to a call from I-70 eastbound reporting a crash involving the collision of an SUV and a tanker truck. There were two people initially reported as trapped inside the SUV.

Emergency crews were able to extricate the trapped victims and authorities stated that they were immediately transported by medic to Miami Valley Hospital.

Since that afternoon until evening, traffic had been moving slowly in the area due to an earlier crash in the same area.

At around 4:00, a couple from Pennsylvania was traveling east on I-70 when the driver lost control.  Initially police reported that it was a woman operator but  there are conflicting reports that the driver was a man.

Police recounted that the SUV and camper got out of control and veered into the median. The camper landed on its side as it halted in the median, but the SUV alighted on its top in the west bound lanes. No other cars were involved in the accident.

The man inside the SUV was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene.  Police believed that he was not wearing any seatbelt.  The woman, however, sustained non-life injuries and was taken to Miami Valley Hospital with non-life threatening.

Police are continuing their investigation and they were informed by several witnesses that it appeared that the camper became loose or unhitched from the SUV which might have instigated the accident..

Due to the mishap, officials had to shut down traffic in both directions on I-70.  One lane re-opened on both sides just before 6 p.m.

Victims have not been identified in this case pending result of investigation.

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