May 06, 2013

A deadly fire from a limo was under investigation by San Francisco authorities last weekend to determine what caused it to be ignited. It was just crossing the Bay Bridge of San Francisco when the tragedy happened ending the life of a new bride together with her four friends.

There were also four female victims in the car that sustained burns or inhaled toxic smoke after a Lincoln Town white Car burst into flame Saturday night. The limousine was running westbound along the Bridge of San Mateo-Hayward. According to the CHP, the group consists of eight women who were going to a hotel in Foster City that was located a few miles away overlooking the bay.

It was a great tragedy as among the fatality was a new bride. Neriza Fojas, age 31, was recently married and was with her eight friends to celebrate the occasion.

There were eight friends in the   limo accident in their 30’s and 40’s; four of them died alongside Fojas for they were unable to get out of the burning limousine. The other four were able to escape but they sustained injuries. As of now, no words were given out on their condition.

Robert Foucrault, who is the medical examiner of San Mateo County, told reporters that they found the four deceased women were clustered on a partition separating the driver’s seat from the passenger’s compartment.

Foucrault said that the women all wanted to escape from the fire through the partition but they were not able to get through at the same time. They were in panic and were not able to allow themselves to pass in an orderly manner.

Law enforcement officials said that they are conducting an ongoing investigation of the cause of the fire. The 1999 Town Car caught fire at its rear end. The Police will have the limousine inspected by mechanical experts and fire department investigators.

Captain Mike Maskarich of the California Highway Patrol said there was no other vehicle involved as they found no debris in the road.

Orville Brown, the driver of the limousine’s driver, said that he became aware that something was wrong when one of the women knocked on the partition and complained of smoke coming from their compartment.

Due to the blaring music played inside the car, he thought at first that the woman was asking if she could smoke; but after a while, the woman knocked again and was shouting that there was smoke and he had to pull over.

Brown said that it took him around 30 secs to pull over and assist the women escape. He had to pull them over the partition. Afterwards when they were able to open the rear door, it was too late.

When the back door of the limo was opened, the remaining four women were beyond help. The fire had gone through them; there was so much flame and within less than a minute, the car was burning.

According to record, Fojas was a registered nurse at a Fresno hospital; she was on her way to a hotel where the groom was waiting to celebrate the occasion with her friends.

The newly-wed had scheduled a visit next month to her native Philippines where they plan to have another wedding rite with her family and relatives.

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Source: Reuters Com