A semi-truck caught fire at I-35 on Monday, September 20, 2010 which caused the shutdown of the interstate. Witnesses said that the semi-truck was heading south on the interstate when it jumped to the median and just burst into flames.  Fire crews were called in to put out the flames while the police closed the lanes where the accident happened.  The semi-truck caught fire on Midway Drive at exit 297.  With lanes, both northbound and southbound being closed, traffic was an awful sight.

A motorist driving near the semi-truck, an employee at Amos Electric reported hearing a tire blowout before he saw the truck jumping to the median.  What caused the tire to blow is not known.  Another vehicle was involved in the accident when the semi swerving to the median pinned it to the barrier wall.  The driver of this vehicle was taken to the hospital for injuries.

With the truck suddenly swerving to the median, it also hit a light pole on the northbound lane.  This affected traffic on the northbound lanes since it had to be closed till the debris and wreckage was removed.

Almost at the same time when the semitruck burst into flames on the interstate, there have also been reports of another accident.  A car driving on I-35 just north of the semitruck accident drove off the bridge.  The car then rested in a ditch near exit 304.  In this incident, there have been no reports of anybody being injured.

The lanes of the interstate were closed for a number of hours while investigation of the accidents took place.  Many people were stuck in the traffic jam caused by the road closure.  There are no details with regard to who the driver of the semitruck was.   Also, there were no reports about his condition after the accident.

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