WASHINGTON COUNTY, MO. – At least 12 students ranging from K-12 were injured after a school bus turned on its side in Washington County, Missouri specifically on Highway “C” Belgrade on Tuesday afternoon. The students were on their way home when the bus accident happened at about 3:10 in the afternoon.

The injured victims were brought different hospitals. Some were brought via ambulance and others were “walk-ins” accompanied by their parents. Some were also flown to different hospitals. Their injuries range from cuts and arm bruises, shoulder injuries to head injuries.

All in all, 35 students were inside the bus and the driver. The older kids helped the little ones get off the bus.

According to Sgt. Al Nothum from the Missouri Highway Patrol, the accident was not that serious.

Investigators are looking into the claims of the students that the driver had fallen asleep but, Sgt. Nothum said that the bus driver had confessed of taking his eyes of the road as he was distracted by a student who was searching for a fallen candy or gum on the floor, near the driver seat.

According to Sgt. Nothum, the driver feels terrible about the incident. He appeared to be physically sound and refused for any medical treatment.

Investigators have not yet concluded whether the driver will be cited.

According to students, the bus driver was a substitute and remains unclear whether he will continue to drive a bus again.

The school principal announced that classes will not be postponed on Wednesday and that there will be buses available.

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