Two women enjoying the day: San “Dorothy” Lee was taking her morning walk while listening to beautiful music on her iPod; while Shirley Boguski was relaxing and basking under the sun comfortably in a lawn chair at Spring Lake Park.

This was before a tragic and brutal incident took place nearly 24 hours apart. Police said that wretched a double vehicular accident happened early morning in Thursday and later on Friday depriving these two women to continue enjoying their idyllic existence. The two elderly Middlesex County women are both dead.

Investigators said that shortly before 8:30 a.m. yesterday, 60-year-old Old Bridge woman Lee left the track at Carl Sandburg Middle School to cross Ticetown Road when she was struck by a Honda Accord. Police have not filed a charge against the driver of the vehicle, identified as 57-year-old Donna Sousa as there are no traffic lights at the intersection where Lee was killed.

The second fatality was 86 years old Boguski who was described as a lifelong resident of South Plainfield. She was relaxing in the parking lot of Spring Lake Park when she was struck by an out-of-control Toyota Corolla around 10 o’clock morning of Thursday. The operator of the erring vehicle was a 74-year-old man named Ty Nguyen. He told the police that he had recently taken the car in for maintenance, but the vehicle malfunctioned and crashed into the poor woman.

According to South Plainfield Police Lt. Chuck Seidenburg, Boguski was airlifted to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick where she died after a short time later from what medical staff called “multiple devastating injuries”.

Seidenburg said that the vehicle of Nguyen was impounded for inspection but no charged have been filed.

Police are seeking more information about the double tragic crash and are asking anyone with information about either crash to step forward. Any witness about Lee’s death is requested to contact the Old Bridge Police Department’s traffic safety division at (732) 679-5959. Anyone who was the accident that claimed Boguski’s life should contact South Plainfield Police at (908) 226-7678 or (908) 226-7669.

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Source: The Star-Ledger