DALLAS – At least six people were delivered to area hospitals and hazmat was called to the scene after a four-vehicle crash that shut down the westbound lanes of Interstate 30 near Sylvan Avenue in Dallas. The mishap happened when 4- vehicles collided which caused the traffic along the west lanes of Interstate 30 to be closed.

It was just before 8 o’clock in Thursday morning when the collision occurred. The crash caused fuel to be spilled onto the roadway of the I-30 Bridge over the Trinity River. The crash spurred a traffic backup to the dismay of morning commuters who were on their way to work.

The crash involved all sorts of vehicles. It also sent a box truck that was in the crash spinning & leaving the cab of the truck suspended from a guard rail and facing in the wrong direction.

A tractor trailer, box truck, SUV and car were all involved in the wreck.
The box truck crashed on the guard rail part of it was heavily damaged which left a large open gap and debris from the rail on the ground below.

The six people hurt in the crash were all the passengers inside the box truck. They were immediately transported to Methodist Hospital. Five of the injured sustained only minor injuries as the sixth person with serious injuries was reportedly placed in the intensive care unit. The victim is currently recovering from his injuries.

Identities of the victims were not given out to the public as authorities are investigating the cause of the crash.

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