With many winter related vehicular accidents, another one incident is added to the long list traffic incidents. On Thursday afternoon, bad weather conditions brought about by snow squalls and white out conditions had resulted in a multi-vehicular pile up on I-70 in Hendricks County.

According to police reports, 23 semi trucks had been involved in the wreckage as well as 17 passenger vehicles. The semis were travelling westbound on I-70 whilst 17 other vehicles were travelling the eastbound route.

The incident had claimed the life of Harry Sohal, 25, from Ontario, Canada. Sohal was in the sleeper portion of the truck his father, 51-year-old Satpal Sohal, was driving.

Harry Sohal was taken to Methodist Hospital following the crash where he later on succumbed to death at around 11 in the evening,

Ten other people sustained injuries because of the crash where they were brought to varied hospitals in the area.

The sudden snow squalls and white-out conditions had severely reduced the visibility of the motorists travelling Interstate 70. Although the motorists were slowing down to a range between 20-25 mph in order to avoid accidents and slipping off the road because of the icy and slippery road conditions, these precautions were not enough as they were met with snow squalls. Although the motorists slowed down, they were not slowing down in the same rate, therefore, collisions had occurred.

One driver who was involved in the incident said that you could hear continuous and different crashing noises as cars and trucks bump inot each other while some had slid off into ditches.

Animals were also victims in the pile up as one of the trucks involved was carrying animals, particularly elephants, when the collision happened.

The animal trainers had loaded off the animals after the crash happened and they were able to keep them all together, without any incidents of running loose. When the situation was cleared, the animal trainers loaded the elephants back to the truck. Luckily, none of the animals were harmed in the jumble.

Adding insult to injury, fire had started as fuels from trucks and cars leaked into the roads and where ignited by the exhausts. The fire department scrambled to address the situation and not make the situation worse than it already is.

The lanes coming from eastbound will be temporarily shut down for several hours, according to INDOT.

Authorities also say that because of the extent of the wreckage, it would take them days to piece together what had happened in the wreckage.Accident victims have rights. You may be eligible for compensation for your injuries, wage loss and medical bills. Contact an experienced  Indianapolis car accident lawyer now for a free consultation

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