Rainier Valley will soon have its Sound Transit train station. The train runs median at street level at Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South Myrtle Street. The operation had had its test runs for over a month already for hours a day. However, some residents in the area are not too happy about it mainly to the perils that they anticipate will happen such as accidents.

There had already been two accidents involving the train ever since testing operations began. On Monday, one more accident adds to the list of incidents the Sound Transit light rail train is involved with.

The recent accident occurred shortly after 5 in the afternoon at MLK Way onto Myrtle. The Sound Transit light rail train had T-boned the vehicle driven by a man in his 70’s. Emergency crews had to open the roof of the vehicle in order to extricate the victim. Luckily, the victim only sustained minor injuries. He was taken to the hospital via an ambulance. The driver was the only one inside the vehicle.

The Sound Transit light rail train meanwhile only sustained minor damages on its front panel. The train had been traveling around 35 mph when the collision happened since the train was already about to stop at the station nearby.

Out of the three documented accidents, the recent one and one other incident, involved vehicular collisions while the other one involved a pedestrian who walked onto the side of the train.

Many residents are at odds with the Sound Transit light rail train operation. They claim that this will only bring much traffic since the train will be of much priority. Furthermore, motorists complain that there are no crossing-arms.

Sound Transit officials say that crossing arms are not necessary since the trains travel only in slow speeds much like normal traffic plus they received comments during sessions that they do not want the area to look like a freight train corridor.

Sound Transit officials have taken steps in order to promote the awareness and safety with the project. They have visited schools and groups to communicate safety and handed out giveaways that would remind people and children about rail safety. The Sond Transit officials also made use of the internet to reach more audiences. Online videos were made in order to encourage and remind people to keep away from tracks.

Despite these steps, other motorists still argue that the Sound Transit light rail train has not yet opened officially; there had been lot of accidents that have already happened. Furthermore, a motorist pointed out that because the train is traveling at low speed, children may go across the train tracks because they think they can make it and this will really be dangerous.

Sound Transit officials countered that these accidents should serve as a reminder and an eye-opening moment to every pedestrian and motorists to be always careful, on the look-out, and to always follow the rail way safety rules they about had disseminated.

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