A souped-up race car speeding twice as the posted speed limit had lost control, flipped and smashed into a utility pole on Lake Underhill Road near Dean Road, according to State troopers. This resulted for the 19-year old driver to be in critical condition.

The car started flipping tail to tail when the car had driven into a ditch, said the troopers. The car then hit a pole when it was 15 feet in the air and in an upside down position.

Neighboring residents heard a knock overnight but didn’t try to answer.

State troopers said that two young men ransacked the neighborhood shortly before midnight in search for help whilst their friend was still stuck inside his own race car.

Trooper Jason Brooks of the Florida Highway Patrol says that they had handled a lot of cases with these types of car—little, souped-up race car—such as Dodge SRT Neons that were turbo charged. The problem is that there is too much power but not enough car.

18-year old passenger of the car, Michael Velazquez, told troopers that the car was traveling 100mph and had asked the driver, 19-year old Charles Holt, to slow down and that’s when the driver lost control. The car started flipping and crashed into a pole upside down before falling 15 feet to the ground.

Department of Motor Vehicle shows records that imply Holt should never have driven. For the past four years, he had four moving violations and recently this year, his license was suspended for not being able to pay the fines.

Fortunately, somebody answered the door the young men were seeking help to and called for an ambulance. Holt was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center by airlifting him. On Wednesday afternoon, he was still in critical condition.

The force of the impact can be better illustrated by the fact that a pole that wasn’t directly hit had cracked because of the tension on the wires. There were also car parts that were knocked lose due to the impact and where found scattered in the accident site.

Holt will face charges of careless driving and driving with a suspended license.

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