HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – — One person died after a fiery collision of a tractor-trailer and box truck at the Turnpike of New Jersey. The scene of the accident was in the Turnpike southbound lanes midway Exits 8 and *A at Mercer County’s Hightstown at 1:30 o’clock Tuesday morning.

After the two vehicles crashed, UPS tractor-trailer exploded and the flames started spreading to the vicinity. It took the fire crew more than an hour to quench the flames.

The collision started a traffic jam which caused great consternation to the motorists as vehicles were at a standstill for more than six hours. Because of the mishap, emergency crew had to carry wreckage to a nearby construction area and it was only after it was cleared that the traffic resumed.

Pending result of investigation, identities of the people in the crash were not given out. There was no information given on the identity of the fatality. At least one person died resulting from the crash.

New Jersey State Police confirmed that the accident happened after midnight in exit 8A near Hightstown and two vehicles were involved: a tractor-trailer and a box truck. It was the box truck that burst into flame.

Preliminary investigation gave no clue as to the cause of the crash which the polish are trying to work on, said the State Police. All Southbound lanes were blocked and was opened after 6:00 next morning; all areas for miles around the accident suffered from backup traffic for the next six hours as vehicles were diverted from Exit 9.

Updated report, identified the driver of the box truck who died in the mishap as , 33 years old Phillip Frey a resident of Toms River, N.J.

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